sunrise croppedWelcome to Cavallo’s!


Who are the Cavallo’s?

Sid and Kelly Cavallo are a beautiful Love story that started in the lowlands of Louisiana and has come to the mountains. They are the couple that broke the odds. The couple that everyone thought was crazy for going full speed ahead. The couple that are doing it. And doing it well.

Kelly was remembered by Sid as “the one that got away” and he was remembered by Kelly as her angel.

When they were younger in New Orleans the two had an opportunity to know each other. The two always pined and longed for each other over the years and over miles of separation. Once they found each other again, they realized how perfect they were for each other and that the time was right. The two drew in huge miles between them and landed together in Ouray, drove up to the top of Red Mountain pass and got hitched. It’s all pretty beautiful from there.

Through the years, the two worked hard to make ends meet. The experience that they got out of life, love and work along the way has prepared them for the endeavor that is a Cavallo’s Restaurant.

She has been a server in some of the finest establishments in New Orleans and in Ouray and more importantly a teacher in the Ridgway Schools. He has worked with some fine chefs in New Orleans, Florida and Ouray and they bring the Southern Hospitality here from New Orleans in a way that shines a little differently than the rest. Adding their unique take on the restaurant is what helps set them apart in a region full of talent and charm. She teaches the staff how to take care of those we serve and keeps things rolling smoothly on the financial end, he makes tasty delights.

Together Kelly and Sid Cavallo make a wonderful team that is trying to make a difference in their community. Please follow them to find out the events that they will host, chair and co-coordinate throughout the community. This is an exciting place with exciting people all living extraordinary lives. We invite you to be a part of what is going on. We invite you to be a Cavallo.